Custom Boardroom Setups

Custom Boardroom Setups

A customized communications and collaboration system can transform the way that your company does business. Unlike the aggravatingly hard-to-hear conference calls of the 1990s, new technologies allow for enhanced communication that can make a real difference to meetings, consultations, and everyday operations. Current research shows that access to integrated collaboration tools is critical to success. Effective audiovisual communication speeds problem solving, fosters innovation, and decreases dependence on costly travel.
Audiovisual conferencing, interactive white boards and many other technological tools are taking distance communication to new levels in every sector. Educators are using the technology to deliver lectures or communicate with students and colleagues in sister universities. Medical researchers can collaborate on projects in real time. Government has found many uses for videoconferencing, including allowing remote testimony in certain trials. The International Monetary Fund has had a secure videoconference site since 2002, where journalists from around the world can enter to view press conferences.

Cost Effectiveness and Human Benefits

Some managers resist the move toward enhanced communication technology because it requires an initial investment that can seem steep. However, over time the right system will offer significant savings to your company, as well as lifestyle benefits to your employees and board members.
Improved communication offers a number of advantages to the company, all of which will lead to a boost to the bottom line. These include:
  • Better problem solving. When the issue is clear and the stakeholders are on the same page, finding creative solutions to an issue is faster and more effective.
  • Fostering an atmosphere of innovation. With frequent and quality communication, collaboration happens and innovative ideas rise to the fore.
  • Enhanced relationship building. Communication is the key element in building a team. Strengthening relationships through collaborative communication will have great benefits for your company.
  • Reduction in travel costs. By using videoconferencing or other distance technology, the company's travel budget will shrink. As well, "down time” for travelling employees can be converted back to productive work time.
As well, moving to more efficient means of communicating can have spin-off benefits. Less travel means a better work/life balance for many employees, for example. With enhanced communication, employees can even "telecommute” to work, an attractive option for many. And reducing travel means reducing your company's ecological footprint.

Technological Options

Your organization may benefit from various types of collaborative technology, but the range of options is so wide that it's best to get advice from an expert. The first step toward improved communication for your company is to partner with a firm specializing in collaborative technology solutions. Experts will do an analysis of your company needs and then work with you to decide which options will work best for your purposes.
Videoconferencing is obviously a key element of a collaborative system, as are interactive surfaces such as white boards. Integrating all aspects of communication, from telephony to IT to smart boards will help you to maximize collaboration in every aspect of the company.
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